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The Most Personalized Sports Data Experience On The Internet

Sports Data Now started during Andrew Briglia's Entrepreneurship Capstone course at Penn State University. The idea evolved over time after he and his friends stumbled across the key problem that shaped our business venture:

The Sports Data Processing community has not caught up with the data visualization capabilities of the 21st century. Sports Data junkies are going to multiple sports statistics sites that are stuck in the 2000s just to make one decision on a sport’s bet or fantasy lineup. There is no enjoyable, easy to use, and entirely personalized/customizable way to query for sports data. 

Our solution is to build out a platform that allows the casual sports data user more power and control than ever before. The SDN platform will be free to use with options for paid premium and addon plans.

The SDN Platform is currently in development, to be available for testing by May, and full launch for all major sports by August 2021.

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