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What You Need to Know

Is all the data on this site really free to use?

Yes. Yes, it is. Our model is built to allow the typical sports fan to research any data they should need because sports data really should be free and public information. However, we also plan to implement premium and "add-on" plans that allow additional functions for the more experienced sports data junkie or the professional looking to streamline their 9-5 job. Feel free to contact us if you're interested!

How Can I Request a Demo?

Contact us at or call 610-937-8297. We always open to feedback from our customers and clients and are always on the lookout for ideas that can shave hours of time off of our sports data research.

How many people can use my account?

As many as you want for our free service, and a maximum of 3 individuals for our paid service. This is enforced by IP address and various verification techniques. If this causes an issue for you, feel free to reach out and we'd be happy to find a solution for both of us!