Is Israel Adesanya Underappreciated?

Israel Adesanya recently defeated Robert Whittaker by decision to retain the UFC Middleweight title. Many people called it a boring fight, but completely disregard all the work Adesanya does.

For the whole fight Whittaker was scared to attack with any offensive strikes because he is scared he will get countered. This is because Adesanya is one of the most skilled counter strikers in the middleweight division history.

He is able to sit back and react to every strike the best fighters in the role throw at him. The issue for fans is that this sometimes involves larger portions of inactivity during the fight. This makes sense when you watch the fight, but Adesanya is just a different type of striker.

Adesanya is the closest thing to Anderson Silva, who is also an outstanding counter strike and the best fighter in the history of the middleweight division. Silva had several fights during his long title reign where he sat back a lot but ultimately won all of the contests.

The reason both Silva and Adesanya win these fights is because they are better at technical striking and the judges recognize that every fight. The swag of Adesanya in the ring allows him to throw less strikes but get away with it because of his natural talent.

It is time we start to recognize Israel Adesanya as one of the best and most entertaining fighters in the world. He has earned it by taking on any challenge put in his way, which consists of all the best fighters in his division.

If you like watching knockouts, intelligent counter-striking, and a crazy walkout then Adesanya is the fighter for you. Make sure to tune in for Adesanya’s next fight where he defends his middleweight title.

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